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GPS Based Soldier Tracking System Solution

GPS soldier tracking devices and solutions for military safety using secure communication network based systems by NevonSolutions


  • Live Soldier Tracking
  • Historical Data Tracking
  • Multi Soldier Tracking
  • Secured Communication
  • Personalized Communication Network
  • Instant Alerting For Distress Signals
  • On Demand Backups
  • Soldier Safety & Monitoring

Product Overview

Soldier tracking devices and solutions with secure communication, reliable technology and cost effective strategy. NevonSolutions delivers cutting edge soldier tracking solutions for remote locations to monitor soldier locations through secure private network with encrypted communication mediums. We develop and deliver these solutions through our research and development efforts making use of latest technology coupled with cost effective manufacturing techniques.

The System Consists Of 3 Parts:

1) SSTU: Smart Soldier Tracking Unit     2) CCU: Command Control Unit      3) Online Server: System Server

Command Control Unit (CCU):
The command control unit is used as a communication medium between a SSTU & the online server. CCU receives commands sent by individual CCU's and transmits it securely to the online server. CCU uses 256 bit encryption for secure communication. Can transmit data from 100 SSTU's. Stores values temporarily incase of network failure and retransmit. Can receive data from SSTU's over a secure private network on own frequency. Can receive data from SSTU's in 0.5 to 5 kilometers distance (depending on environment)
Online Server:
The server receives the data sent by CCU's and stores it online for live tracking as well as historical data tracking over the internet. It delivers following features: Live tracking and mapping of multiple soldier positions on a single map. Tracking of units historical data as well as current locations. Remote alerting for distress signals sent by soldiers. Geographic prohibitions monitoring & management. Data Backups on demand.

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