GPS School Bus Tracking System With App

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GPS School Bus Tracking System With App

GPS school bus tracking system with app for student safety, GPS positioning, Geographic prohibition, rash driving & accident detection at nevonexpress


  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Install
  • Long Range Card Scan
  • Rash Driving & Accident Detection Alert
  • Geographic Prohibition Alert
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Password Protected
  • Efficient Server Communication For Online Data Transfer
  • Automatic SMS Notifications
  • Smart GPS Tracking

  • Product Overview

    A school has to bear the responsibility for safety and security of all students in it. But managing the safety of such large number of students becomes quite a difficult task for the school management. To help schools ensure the safety as well as to help parents track their child movement as well as track school bus as to where it has reached, nevonsolutions introduced an advanced school bus tracking system. The system uses GPS as well as rfid technology in order to track student movement as well as bus position for safety and advanced tracking to help parents as well as school management. This system automates the entire school bus tracking process and alerts parents as well as school authorities about all details.

    How  Does  It  Work

    As students walk into the school bus door the system automatically scans their id cards from a distance. Students don’t need to go to device and tap their id card for this process. Also the students parent gets an SMS notification about the time at which student boarded the bus. The GPS school bus tracking system also consists of rash driving and accident detection and alerting to school authorities about the issues. Also the parents as well as school teachers and staff may track bus locations over a map through their mobile phones or a desktop PC through the gps school bus tracking app. Also our GPS school bus tracking system saves this data for historical record.

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