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Gas Flushing continuous Sealing Machine

Buy High-Quality Gas Flushing Continuous Sealing Machine with other machines at lowest price online in Mumbai, all parts of India and other countries with best discount offers only at Nevon Express.

Product Overview

Nevon Solution supplies the best quality with good range ofGas Flushing Sealing Machine. This machines sealer is with the capacity of nonstop convey.This sealing machine embraces electronic steady temperature system and steeples speed receives electronic consistent temperature instrument and steeples speed changes transmission component. Nevon Solutions aims at providing latest model machine along with installation services in India and worldwide at low cost.


Sealing Width
10-12 mm
Sealing Speed
3-5 meter/minute
Max Conveyor Load
10g to 3 kg max.
Temp. Range
0-250 degree Select or I- therm make
50 Hz 10 230V / 5A
Packing Material
PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HMHD, Alu foil and any laminated 2- or 3-layer pouches.
Gas Flushing attachment
1 meter


It has great sealing speed.
This machine can seal material like PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HMHD, Alu foil.
It has 1meter long conveyer.

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