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HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder Distance Sensor Module

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Product Overview

The HCSR04 measures object distance using ultrasonic ranging. It offers incredible range accuracy and stable readings in a simple to-use bundle. It 's working isn 't influenced by daylight or dark material like sharp range discoverers are (delicate materials like fabric can be hard to distinguish).
The fundamental basic principle of operation is beneath, use IO port TRIG to trigger running. It needs 10 us abnormal state signal in any event module will send eight 40kHz square wave automatically and will test if there is any signal returned. In the event that there is signal returned, yield will be abnormal state signal through IO port ECHO. The span of the abnormal state signal is the time from transmitter to getting with the ultrasonic. Testing separation = length of abnormal state x sound velocity(340m/s)/2 You can use the above figuring to discover the separation between the impediment and the ultrasonic module.

Technical Details

Working Voltage
Static Current
Less than 2mA
Yield Signal
Electric recurrence signal, abnormal state 5V, low level 0V
Sensor Angle
Not in excess of 15 degrees
Discovery Distance
2 to 450 cm
High Precision
Up to 0.3cm
Information Trigger Signal
10us TTL impulse
Reverberate Signal
Output TTL PWL signal method of association, VCC, trig(T), echo(R), GND.

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HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder Dis ....

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Pin Description

Pin Number Pin Name Pin Description
1 Vcc The Vcc pin powers the sensor, typically with +5V
2 Trigger Trigger pin is an Input pin. This pin has to be kept high for 10us to initialize measurement by sending US wave.
3 Echo Echo pin is an Output pin. This pin goes high for a period of time which will be equal to the time taken for the US wave to return back to the sensor.
4 Ground This pin is connected to the Ground of the system.

Interfacing Diagrams

Working Principle

  • The Ultrasonic sensor is designed to measure the distance using the principle of SONAR and RADAR, of using ultrasonic wave to determine the distance of an object.
  • The HC-SR04 sensor works on the exact same principle as the SONAR. The sensor has ultrasonic transmitter, receiver and control circuit to execute the given task, and the module consist of 4 pins and those are Vcc, Gnd, Trig and Echo.
  • An ultrasonic sound is to be produced to start the action. At least of 10┬Ásec pulse has to be send through, and that is done by the Trig pin, then the Trig pin generates 8 pulses of 40KHz. After this the next step is to wait for the Echo pin to capture the generated ultrasonic sound to travel towards the object and return. It will measure the time that the ultrasonic sound took to come back.
  • The data collected by the above action (point no. 3), one can measure the distance of an object by using simple formula of measuring distance, using time of travel and speed of sound it air. Here the speed of sound is constant and the travel time data is collected by the echo pin.