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HC05 Bluetooth Transceiver Module with TTL Outputs

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Product Overview

HC05 bluetooth module is utilized as UART RS232 serial converter module. It can efficiently exchange the UART data through the wireless bluetooth, without complex pieceB design or profound learning in the bluetooth programming stack.
This module can be utilized as a part of Master or Slave Mode and simple switchable between these two modes, By default Slave mode is designed.
To setup Wireless Serial Communication, HC-05 Bluetooth Module is most requesting and prominent because of its low cost and to a great degree high highlights.
Modes can be changed utilizing AT Commands. The slave mode in HC-05 can't start an association with another Bluetooth device, yet can acknowledge the connections. Master mode can start an association with different devices.


Bluetooth protocol
Emission power
Power supply
Working temperature
VCC+5VConnect to +5V
GNDGroundConnect to Ground
TXDUART_TXD, Bluetooth serial signal sending PINConnect with the MCU’s (Microcontroller and etc) RXD PIN.
RXDUART_RXD, Bluetooth serial signal receiving PINConnect with the MCU’s (Microcontroller and etc) TXD PIN.

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