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HTC 5020 0 - 20Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope

Buy HTC 5020 0 - 20Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope and wide variety of oscilloscope and power supply high quality price guaranteed online at nevonexpress


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Product Overview

Nevonexpress supplies high quality HTC 5020 0 - 20Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope for electronics development and testing. HTC 5020 0-20 MHz Rectangle Wave Analog Oscilloscope is a digital test tool which permits you to watch the continuously signal voltages. HTC is among the manufacturers of oscillators. These signs are two dimensional you can work as a function of the other converted into voltage for screen. Employed to observe the shift of an electrical sign the voltage and time shape a contour from a scale. The purpose being calibration of this waveform of cathode rays. The digital code sweep switch gives a high performance inside this gadget. It improves accuracy at a better investigation.

Special Specification

Highest Sensitivity up to 1mV/div (After Expand)
Full band Trig Auto Sweep Circuit
Flex Trig mode (Select either CH1 or CH2 Signal / External Signal)
Alt-Trig View 2 in relative Signal
Ext Trig Input

Note: The above item is non-refundable.


Oscilloscope Type
Dual Channel
DC - 20 MHz (-3db)
Bandwidth Limit
20 MHz
Rise Time
<18ns,Mag _70ns : 17.5ns
Y Deflection
5mV/div -10 V/div
Sweep Rate
0.1s/div - 0.2s/div
0.5 Vp-p ?2%
1 kHz ?2%
X Sensitivity
Y1, Y2, ALT, Line, Ext
Wave Type
Auto Sweep Circuit
Component Test
320x130x400 mm
Power Supply
AC 200 ±10%V
Included Accessories
Power Chord, Two 20MHz Oscilloscope Probes, Manual
Model No
Product Policy
Non Returnable
6 Months

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