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HTC CM2000 600A AC Clamp Meter

Buy HTC CM-2000 a Digital AC/DC Clamp meter, which is rated for 500V and 400A, together with numerous other Clamp Meters at lowest price on Nevonexpress


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Product Overview

HTC CM-2000 is a Digital AC/DC Clamp meter, which is 31/2 Digit highly stable clamp meter uses two AAA (1.5 Volt) batteries. It has a LCD with 20mm digit display, which makes the reading clearer and the operation more convenient. It can test DCV, ACV, ACA, Resistance, NCV, Diode and Continuity test. This meter also equips data hold function with unit symbol display, can work in both auto and manual range and provides auto power off, clamp light and warning functions. To assure high accuracy and resolution, it adopts an 8-bit microprocessor and dual integral A/D converter IC. It is an ideal tool for labs, factories radio-technology and household.

Product Specification

Type of Product
Digital Clamp Meter
3½ Digits
DC Voltage Range
DC Voltage Accuracy
± (1.0%+3)
AC Current Range
AC Current Accuracy
± (2.0%+5)
AC Voltage Range
AC Voltage Accuracy
± (1.5%+5)
Resistance Accuracy
± (1.5%+3)
Temperature Range
-40° to 1000°C
Temperature Accuracy
± (0.8%+4)
1.5V Battery
230x80x 37 mm
Model No
Resistance Range (Ohm)
Diode Test
Test Current: 0.5mA


Buzzer Sound at less than 10W
Standard Accessories
Test Leads, Manual, TP01 Temperature probe
230(H) x 80(W) x 37(D) mm
Clamp Max Saw size
35 mm
Diode: Open Voltage: 1.5V, Test Current: 0.5mA
3 ½ Digits LCD Display
Full function protection, anti-high voltage circuit design
Data Hold
Low Battery Indication
Max. Measuring capacitance

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