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HTC DC SMPS 3002 2A Power Supply

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Product Overview

Nevonexpress supplies high quality HTC DC SMPS 2A Power Supply SMPS 3002. DC Regulated Power Supply is an simple to use, very low ripple high regulation accuracy tool. Its very acceptable for low voltage applications and improvement. Its distinctive characteristic is over load protection, making it a power supply for testing of electronic equipment. The power supplys output signal is floating i.e., either the positive or negative output is linked to the earth. The power supply might be utilized as a positive or negative DC resource by grounding -ve or +ve terminal.


Voltage Stability
Current Stability
Load Regulation
Ripple And Noise
Output Voltage
0-30V 0-2A
LED Digit Display
±1% ± 1 digits
240 X 150 X 270mm

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