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HTC DM-23 Digital Multimeter (AC Voltage Range 10mV to 750V)

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Product Overview

Nevonexpress supplies high quality HTC DM-23 Digital Multimeter (AC Voltage Range 10V to 750V) for electronics development and testing. A multi meter is a tool that used to measure electricity, just a stopwatch or a scale to measure fat. The HTC multi meter may be used to measure voltages, currents and resistances and can be equipped with a knob in front which allows the operator to select what he wants to measure.The multimeter can be outfitted with a diode check function. When dealing with a diode, it can get tricky to understand as to which way the current goes through within it and if the diode is functioning or not. The diode check attribute can be quite useful in these instances.


4½ digit LCD Display
20000 °
AC Voltage Range
10µV to 750 V
AC Voltage Accuracy
DC Voltage Range
10µV - 1000 V
DC Voltage Accuracy
±(0.05% + 3digit)
AC Current Range
10µA - 20 A °
AC Current Accuracy
±(1.5% + 25digit)
DC Current Accuracy
±(0.5% + 4digit)
DC Current Range (Amp)
0.01µA - 20 A
Resistance Range (Ohm)
0.01Ω - 200 MΩ
Resistance Accuracy
±(0.2% + 5digit) °
Capacitance Range (F)
0.1pF - 200 µF
Capacitance Accuracy
±(3.5% + 10digit)
Frequency Range (Hz)
0-200 KHz
Frequency Accuracy
±(3.0% + 15digit)
Continuity Buzzer
Approx. < 30Ω ±10Ω
hFE (NPN or PNP)
Test Leads, Holster, Manual
Power Input
9V (6F22)
185x93x35 mm
6 Months

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