Heartbeat Sensor Module
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Heartbeat Sensor Module

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Product Overview

Heartbeat sensor gives a easy means to study the operation of the heart that may be quantified based on the principle of psycho-physiological signal utilized as a stimulation for your own virtual- reality system. The total amount of the blood at the finger varies concerning time.


Input Voltage
3V - 5V DC
Finger mount
Working Principle
IR Emitter and Receiver
Digital o/p

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Video Tutorial

Working Principle

The heartbeat sensor consist of two major parts, one is a LED light and other is light sensor. The LED emits light on the finger and the light sensor senses the intensity of returned light. The light usually passes through the finger, unless the heart is pumping the blood through it. When the blood passes through the finger, it acts as a opaque layer and the intensity of light passing through becomes less, but the LED has to be super bright in order to this to work. The LED works as a Infrared emitter and the light sensor works as receiver. Now as to measure the heartbeat, the light sensor figures out the fluctuating intensity emitted light of and form a pattern, and this pattern gets converted into an electric pulse. This electric pulse gives an output of +5V logic level signal through a amplifier thus making the output LED to blink. Hence the output LED blinks on each heartbeat, giving us data to measure the heartbeat rate.

Interfacing Diagram