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Hoki 536 soldering station 936 Series Soldering Machine

Buy high quality Hoki 536 soldering station 936 Series Soldering Machine along with other soldering stations, soldering gun, soldering kits, soldering pen which guarantees user-friendly and efficient soldering at lowest price online at Nevon express.


Available Stock : 500 Unit

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Product Overview

Nevon Express supplies a wide range of high-quality soldering stations which includes Hoki 536 soldering station. Hoki 536 soldering station has fast temperature compensation, High-precision and stable temperature control, Rapid heating which can effectively prevent cold solder joints. It provides an anti-static design which effectively prevents damage to delicate components. This equipment applies the high-quality metal heater which will not be twisted off and longer life. This soldering station is used in wide range of applications in production lines for electronic products, desoldering of small solder joints, components, repair industry for mobile phone, SMD components requiring the highest precision.

Power Rating:60W
Input Voltage:AC220V 50HZ
Temperature Range:180-450oC
Tip resistance to the ground:≤2Ω
Tip to the ground potential:≤2mV
Stability:±2 degree C(at 25/45%)
Dimensions:(W)12 X(H) 10 X(L)17cm

Features :

• Fast temperature compensation.
• High-precision and stable temperature control.
• Rapid heating.

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