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Hoki 636D Lead-Free Soldering Station

Buy high quality Hoki 936+ Soldering Station along with other soldering stations, soldering gun, soldering kits, soldering pen which guarantees user-friendly and efficient soldering at lowest price online at Nevon express.


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Product Overview

Nevon Express supplies a wide range of high-quality soldering stations which includes Hoki 636D Lead-Free Soldering Station. This lead-free soldering station is microcomputer controlled and warms up quickly. This soldering station consists of air flow adjuster and temperature control keypad. It is widely applicable to the supply voltage and it is suitable for global applications. There is no need of additional adapters. This soldering station also has high-quality resistance.

Power supply:AC220V (50Hz)
Power consumption:55W
Temp. control range:180-450°C
Voltage output:AC24V
Ground resistance:2ohm

Features :

• Comfortable portable handheld.
• Intelligent system that could alarm.
• Detects fault automatically.
• Warms-up quickly.
• Air flow adjuster & temperature control keypad.

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