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ICL7107CPLZ 3½Digit LCD/LED Display A/D Converter

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Product Overview

The Intersil ICL7107 is high performance, low power, 31/2 digit A/D converter. It's seven segment decoders, screen drivers, a mention, and a clock. The ICL7107 will immediately drive a tool size light emitting diode (LED) screen. The ICL7107 bring together a mixture of high precision, flexibility, and accurate market. It includes auto zero less than 10µV, zero drift of fewer than 1µV/ºC, input bias current of 10pA (maximum) and rollover error of less than 1 count.


Guaranteed zero reading for 0V input on all scales
True polarity at zero for precise null detection
1pA typical input current
True differential input and reference, direct display drive - LCD ICL7106, LED lCL7107
Low noise - less than 15µVP-P
On-chip clock and reference
Low power dissipation - typically less than 10mW
No additional active circuits required
Enhanced display stability
Pb-free (RoHS compliant)

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