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ICL7135 4½ Digit BCD Output A/D Converter

Buy ICL7135 an Analog to Digital Converter which gives out 4½ Digit BCD Output along with other ICs at lowest price online only at Nevonexpress

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Product Overview

The Intersil ICL7135 precision A/D converter, using its multiplexed BCD output and Hybrid motorists, unites dual slope conversion reliability using ±1 at 20,000 count precision and is ideally suited to the visual screen DVM/DPM marketplace. The 2.0000V full scale capacity, auto-zero, and autopolarity are coupled with accurate radiometric operation, nearly perfect differential linearity and accurate differential input. All essential active devices are included on a single CMOS lC, with the exclusion of screen drivers, mention, and a clock.


Accuracy Guaranteed to ±1 Count Over Entire ±20000 Counts (2.0000V Full Scale)
Guaranteed Zero Reading for 0V Input
1pA Typical Input Leakage Current
True Differential Input
True Polarity at Zero Count for Precise Null Detection
Single Reference Voltage Required
Over range and Under Range Signals Available for Auto Range Capability

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