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Smart IOT Garbage Monitoring & Management System

NevonSolutions provides customized garbage management solutions using RFID and LoRa technologies.

System Advantages:

  • Real time information if dustbin is emptied
  • Deployment of dustbin based on the actual needs
  • Driver violations detection
  • Reduction in fuel consumption and increased work efficiency
  • Delivery of better services & display reports to admin as well as public
  • Improves Environment quality
  • Lesser garbage-Cleaner cities
  • Intelligent management of the services in the city

Product Overview

The system delivers cutting edge technology based solution to the garbage collection issue. Basically, it is a system of intelligent garbage bins and collection van. This new system brings down the costs by at least 40 per cent by utilizing smart waste sensing and route scheduling which enable remote waste monitoring & checking driver violations. Essentially, you always empty the waste containers exactly when needed, and ensure 100% performance of all garbage trucks while ensuring timely cleanliness throughout the city.

Admin Dashboard:

  • Dynamic driver management and truck assignment
  • Detailed Garbage Collection Reports
  • Monthly & Yearly Cleanliness Reports
  • Intelligent Suggestions for Route Improvement
  • Live Tracking and History Tracking
  • Automated Route Scheduling System
  • Geofencing For Route Violation Detections

Garbage Collection Device (To be mounted on vehicles):

  • Waterproof Device with Mount
  • Check if Check Which Dustbin Is emptied
  • Transmit Information Along with GPS coordinated online
  • Device Tampering Alert SMS to Zone Manager

RFID Tags:

  • IP 68 waterproof Tags to be mounted on each dustbin
  • 3+ Meter Long Range Read Range

Public App:

  • Live track nearest garbage vehicle
  • Check cleanliness improvement graph
  • View Alerts/Messages/Improvement messages by admin

Admin Reports:

  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Status & Tracking
  • Past Travel Route Checking
  • Geo Fencing Violations
  • Vehicle Speed Violations Reporting
  • Avg Speed, idletime
  • Previous Route Display
  • Garbage Bin Status
  • Faulty Bin Alert/Bin Theft Alert
  • Collection Report
  • Unserved Bins Report
  • Vehicle Device Tampering Report
  • Customer Complaints/Queries
  • Send Alerts/Messages/Improvement Reports to display on Public Webpage & app

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