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IOT Inmate Tracking System For Prisons

Nevonexpress offers iot based inmate tracking solutions for improving prison security using escape detection and prisoner tracking technology.

System Details

GPS Inmate Tracking Unit (GITU)

  • The GPS Inmate Tracking Unit senses the position of itself with reference to hubs.
  • The device senses if the inmate is wearing the device or not.
  • GITU uses 256 bit encryption for secure communication.
  • Transmits data to Hub Unit at regular intervals.
  • Stores values temporarily in case of network failure and retransmit.
  • Can transmit data to Hub Unit in 0.5 to 5 kilometres distance (depending on environment).

Hub Unit

  • The Hub Unit is used as a communication medium between a GITU & the online server. Hub unit receives commands sent by individual GITU's and transmits it securely to the online server.
  • Hub Unit uses 256 bit encryption for secure communication.
  • Can transmit data to online server from 100 GITU's.
  • Stores values temporarily in case of network failure and retransmit.
  • Can receive data from GITU's over a secure private network on own frequency.
  • Can receive data from GITU's in 0.5 to 5 kilometres distance (depending on environment).

Online Server

The server receives the data sent by GITU's and stores it online for live tracking as well as historical data tracking over the internet. It delivers following features:

  • Live tracking and mapping of multiple inmate's positions on a single map.
  • Tracking of unit's historical data as well as current locations.
  • Raises alerts for escaping inmates who crossed out of premises.
  • Raises alerts of inmates who removed the device from their body.
  • Geographic prohibitions monitoring & management.
  • Data Backups on demand.

System Working

GPS inmate tracking units are mounted on inmates. These units coordinate with the hubs in order to indicate the prisoner has not removed it or damaged it and that the prisoner is inside the prison. In case the prisoner removes or damages the unit, an alert is sent to the authorities indicating the prisoner name who has removed or damaged the unit. In case the prisoner escaper wearing the unit the escapee monitoring hubs mounted on walls detect the direction from which the prisoner has escaped and raise an alert informing about the prisoner who escaped, direction in which he escaped and approx. distance. The inmate tracking unit is a small battery powered unit which needs to be recharged once in a week. The escapee monitoring hubs are capable of monitoring upto 5 kilometers in open/rural areas, in urban or dense infrastructure areas, they may monitor upto distances of upto 1 kilometer. The internal monitoring hubs can also indicate is a prisoner is very sick based on the heart pulse monitored.

Alert Notifications

The online server detects the prisoner escape route by sensing the hubs that found the prisoner escaping. It then alerts authorities through phone notification alerts as well as on the pc application.


The system can be further integrated busser alarm bells that sound alert and announce the direction of prisoner escape. The system can be further integrated with inmate counting system that counts inmates entering exiting specific entry exit points to track number of inmates in an area and detect those who are left behind.

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