IOT Services

IOT Services

GPS Based Soldier Tracking System Solution

Soldier tracking devices and solutions with secure communication, reliable technology and cost effective strategy. NevonSolutions delivers cutting edge soldier tracking solutions for remote locations to monitor soldier locations through secure private network with encrypted communication mediums. We develop and deliver these solutions through our research and development efforts making use of latest technology coupled with cost effective manufacturing techniques.

Industrial IOT Products & Solutions Provider

Industrial IOT includes full automation using internet of things to increase industrial productivity and reduce costs. Industrial IOT is a combination of electronic devices, improved machines, sensor based systems, cloud based software and AI to deliver 4th generation solutions to industrial sector.

Rfid Based Asset Tracking System

NevonSolutions provides Rfid based indoor tracking systems to help you locate, monitor, manage, identify & track various physical assets of your business. We provide complete rfid based systems comprising of the software as well as complete hardware based infrastructure along with setup support to help you achieve your business needs. We provide customized Rfid based systems and solutions that allow you to track assets, goods, containers, parts, boxes, equipments, tools etc and help enhance your business.
Applications of our Rfid Based Asset Tracking Systems:

  • Tracking & finding goods in large warehouses and storage areas.
  • Tracking & identifying containers through transportation.
  • Identifying & locating missing parts in industries and industrial warehouses.
  • Identifying, locating & tracking tools and equipments in warehouses & transportation.

  • We also provide tailored rfid based systems to suit your requirements. From Rfid tags to Hardware needed to the cloud server needed for handling it along with the software, we provide end to end rfid based solutions for your business needs. Rfid systems have proven very useful in asset tracking. Many companies use rfid based goods & container tracking systems to achieve efficient & fast logistics and warehouse management.
    The following sectors make use of our Rfid based systems and solutions:
  • Rfid Systems for Warehousing Sector
  • Rfid Systems for Distribution Sector
  • Rfid Systems for Manufacturing Sector
  • Rfid Systems for Healthcare Sector
  • Rfid Systems for Food Sector
  • Rfid Based Pet & Animal Identification Tracking System

    NevonSolutions provides wireless animal tracking tags for safe embedding to identify and track animals. Our rfid based systems help identify pets, livestock and lab animals from a distance. We can provide customized tags to fit your needs or requirements. Also we provide small flexible tags that can be used in your own secure casings. We deliver complete rfid based solutions for animal tracking as well as system parts like reader, tags and other hardware. Our rfid based solutions are tailor-made to fulfill your business requirements.

    IOT App Development Services & Solutions Provider India

    The Internet of Things is quickly changing the way India operates and how devices collect and transmit data via the internet. Unless you stay ahead of trends you are not keeping up and will be left behind by your competition. What would you do if you could turn your ideas into real-life active applications that your customers will love and keep them loyal to you? What would it be worth to you to have IOT development services in India that were just a click away and could bring all your technological IOT ambitions to life ?

    NevonSolutions introduced IOT development services in India to help various sectors upgrade and adapt IOT based solutions for better productivity. We offer a number of customized IOT solutions for various sectors in India.

    Smart IOT Garbage Monitoring & Management System

    The system delivers cutting edge technology based solution to the garbage collection issue. Basically, it is a system of intelligent garbage bins and collection van. This new system brings down the costs by at least 40 per cent by utilizing smart waste sensing and route scheduling which enable remote waste monitoring & checking driver violations. Essentially, you always empty the waste containers exactly when needed, and ensure 100% performance of all garbage trucks while ensuring timely cleanliness throughout the city.

    LoRa Technology IOT Development Services

    LoRaWAN™ stands for Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), a wireless communication system designed for long range wireless communication among battery operated devices. This system is designed to fill the gaps in IOT based systems by addressing interoperability, low power consumption and mobility issues among IOT devices. Lora networks use a star to stars network topology which consists of many end nodes(devices) having bilateral communication through Lora gateways. A gateway acts as a transparent bridge that handles communication between lora nodes and external/public networks.

    Top IOT Development Services & Solutions Provider Company

    Could your business benefit from internet-connected devices? Would the Internet of Things Services help your clients? Do you want control of your business over a smartphone ? Could your company be transformed by IOT connectivity?
    The world is changing. The Internet of Things or IoT Solution Providers are revolutionizing industries - and they can do the same for business. But small businesses don't fully understand the potential. And when they do it feels like the cost to develop it would be out of their each. But it doesn't have to be this way.
    Thinking differently about your business (or the business of your clients) is what you do best. Every step on the road of progress means -

  • A Better Service To Your Clients
  • Automated Systems With Connectivity
  • Efficient Monitoring & Control Over Processes

  • And this I where we come in. At NevonSolutions, we help make your dreams of a more effective company a reality. We take your 'outside the box ' thinking and turn it into a reality. Our IOT development services have been helping businesses become streamlined and more efficient with the use of connected technology.

    Rfid Toll Booth & Vehicle Tracking System Solutions

    NevonSolutions provides tailor made solutions for rfid based vehicle tracking, identification systems or authentication. We provide toll booth automations as well as customized vehicle tagging systems for automating vehicle management. Rfid tags can be mounted on vehicles & verified from a few meters range using readers, Reader systems can be mounted on various points, entry points for automatic gate opening, parking lots or weigh bridges. Our rfid systems allow for automation of vehicle identification, flow management using rfid based sensing technology. This allows for process automation without having any impact on existing vehicle flow or process since these are contactless devices and systems that can be easily mounted and need low power supply.
    NevonSolutions delivers tailor made Rfid vehicle management solutions for car, trucks, trailers, containers authentication and flow control. We provide complete end to end rfid solutions including, tags, hardware needed as well as cloud server and software needed along with installation support for implementing these systems. Also we deliver complete toll booth automation and management solutions to help in faster traffic flow without hampering the existing process.

    Virtual Wall Perimeter Detection System

    Nevonsolutions delivers cutting edge perimeter detection system using virtual wall poles. A virtual wall is a perimeter wall security without the having a physical wall. It is a highly secure outdoor perimeter security system.
    We develop and deliver perimeter detection security systems using low cost virtual wall poles that create a perimeter wall using perimeter sensors. The virtual wall poles connect to each other using lased beams to wirelessly connect with each other. This creates an efficient intrusion detection system capable of detecting all humans crossing the wall. Also the virtual wall has low chances of false alarms as it does not detect rodents, small birds, dust/stones thus making it an efficient perimeter detection system. The perimeter poles each consist of an antenna which is used to activate the perimeter alarm system remotely. The perimeter alarm system may is used to sound an alarm whenever an intrusion is detected. This allows to alert the security personnel instantly for required action. Our perimeter detection systems allow for a low cost yet highly secure remote alerting system using perimeter sensors.

    IOT Smart Waste Management System

    NevonSolutions delivers cutting edge smart waste management solutions for efficient waste handling. We deliver tailor made smart bin sensors integrated with IOT system to handle waste management issues as per the needs. Our expertise in IOT technology including RF, LoRA allows us to deliver smart waste management system to automate various waste management tasks. Smart bin sensors are devices used to monitor waste bin garbage levels and transmit details to the nevon IOT system. The system then calculates and assigns garbage pickup points and best routes to garbage trucks ensuring timely pickups and cleanliness throughout the city. Our waste management solutions are tailor made according to the garbage problems and financial budgets of the city.

    Rfid Personnel Authentication & Tracking

    Monitor personnel movements for work efficiency, restricted area accessibility monitoring, performance tracking on large premises. NevonSolutions provides personnel tracking and monitoring systems and solutions that allows you to track employee, agents, personnel movements through out the facility using wristbands or other form of tags that can be monitored from a long range without scanning. Our system consists of fixed scanning points or areas which are used to mount our hardware devices throughout the facility and used for monitoring people movement through the facility. We also deliver customized Rfid based personnel tracking systems as per your requirements.