IOT Smart Waste Management System

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IOT Smart Waste Management System

Smart waste management solutions using smart bin sensor and IOT system for smart cities by nevonsolutions

Product Overview

NevonSolutions delivers cutting edge smart waste management solutions for efficient waste handling. We deliver tailor made smart bin sensors integrated with IOT system to handle waste management issues as per the needs. Our expertise in IOT technology including RF, LoRA allows us to deliver smart waste management system to automate various waste management tasks. Smart bin sensors are devices used to monitor waste bin garbage levels and transmit details to the nevon IOT system. The system then calculates and assigns garbage pickup points and best routes to garbage trucks ensuring timely pickups and cleanliness throughout the city. Our waste management solutions are tailor made according to the garbage problems and financial budgets of the city.

How it works ?

Sensor Based Device Senses Garbage Levels
System Server Gathers All Data and Computes Solution
The Garbage Truck Drivers Are Assigned Routes  Accordingly By the System
Administrators/Officers Can Live Track Trucks & Get Detailed Reports
Citizens App Allows Citizens To Post Complaints/Feedbacks

Customizable System Development:

We provide custom made garbage management solutions as per city requirements and budget.

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