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Industry Automation Services & Solutions

Looking for top industrial automation companies in India ? Nevon Solutions delivers cutting edge industrial automation services and solutions for all industrial sectors

About Nevon Industrial Automation Services

The word ' Automation ' is derived from ancient Greek words where ' Auto ' mean Self and ' Matos ' means Moving, therefore a mechanism which moves by itself or is self-dictated is called automated system. A complete automation solutions provided to an industry are called industrial automation solutions. Your search for the best industrial automation companies in India ends here.

When it comes to Industrial Automation, there arises the use of control systems such as computers (PC ' s/PLC ' s/DCS) or robots, and information technology for handling different processes and machineries in an industry.

In the scope of industrialization, an Industrial Automation Solution is the second step subsequent to mechanization. NevonSolutions delivers cutting edge industrial automation services to industries in various sectors.

In industrial environment, control strategies use a set of technologies which are implemented to get the desired performance or output, making the automation system indispensable for industries. Our services help automate various industrial tasks to increase productivity and get better quality products in lesser time.

Our Industrial automation services transform your factory/industry to the next generation of automated industries. We develop and deploy industrial automation systems and provide turnkey automation solutions for various industrial sectors. NevonSolutions is ranked among the top industrial automation companies in India which provides efficient automation services to for increased productivity.

How Does It Work


A unique IOT development process that caters to you and will build applications suited for what your business needs


We take your idea and develop it into an IOT application. We make sure we understand your goals and your target market


You get the product in your hands for you to see and test so that you can get an idea of how it will look, how it connects and see it in action.

Design & Development

The magic really gets started with coding the applications and developing the software.


We take your idea and develop it into an IOT application. We make sure we understand your goals and your target market


You get the product in your hands for you to see and test so that you can get an idea of how it will look, how it connects and see it in action.

Industrial automation involves usage of: -

Advanced control strategies like modern control hardware devices as PLC's

Sensors and other instruments for sensing the control variables

Cascade controls

Standalone computing systems


Signal conditioning equipment's to connect the signals to the control devices

Drives and other significant final control devices

Standalone computing systems

Communication systems, Alarming and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems

Advantages of Automation

To increase productivity in Manufacturing Process
Automation increases the production rate by producing greater output for a given labor input, it is not possible for human workers to work for long hours without losing accuracy. Whereas automated control systems are able to work for long hours without compromising on accuracy. Therefore, what we get is increase in productivity and efficiency per hour of labor input.
To Improve the Product Quality
With the manual operation of manufacturing process, there may be many compromises on quality specifications of the product. The principal benefit of the automation is that it reduces the fraction defect rate. An automation system performs operations with greater conformity and uniformity to the quality specifications.
To Reduce the Labor and Production Cost
The use of automated systems helps the industries to save a great deal in the long term by substituting automated machinery in place of human labor so that the unit production cost is reduced. Automated equipment running uniformly 24 x 7 increases the manufacturing productivity and subsequently results in excellent return on investment by saving salaries, work force costs, pensions and allowances with employees.
The automated system also reduces the labor shortage by substituting automated operations in place of workers.
To Reduce Routine Manual Tasks
In industrial applications, process variables are the ones which are to be periodically monitored as a routine task to maintain their set levels. These variables can be temperature, liquid level, pressure, flow of any liquid/gas etc.
Thus an automation system creates the automatic working condition by employing closed loop control systems.
To Improve Safety
With the implementation of automated system, working conditions of the human workers is made safer as their role of active participation in the process changes to the supervising role. The automated machines are able to work in hazardous environments and other extreme environments. Also, these systems make use of industrial robots in place of human workers, especially in life-threatening conditions (chemical and high temperature conditions).
Thus an Industrial automation system prevents the accidents and injuries to the workers.
To Assist Remote Monitoring
Most of the industrial operations have to be controlled remotely for convenience, which includes control of process variables and long distance process monitoring. In these cases, automated systems provides a basic communication link between the process area and supervising (monitor and control) area, this allows operators to control and monitor the industrial processes from a remote location.
The best examples of this remotely controlled industries are Petrochemical Refineries and Automated Electric Power Grid Control.