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LPC2148 Development Board For LPC2148 ARM7TDMI microcontroller

Buy LPC2148 Pro Development Board based on LPC2148 ARM7TDMI microcontroller with 512K on-chip memory at lowest price guaranteed online at nevonexpress

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Product Overview

The LPC2148 Development Board is Perfect for Developing embedded applications involving high speed wireless communication (Zigbee / Bluetooth / WiFi), USB based data logging, real time information monitoring and control, interactive control panels etc. The control Provides a PC/laptop with high speed interface with rates up to 12Mb/s. The UART boot loader allows you and eliminates need of an additional developer to program using port.


Microcontroller: LPC2148 with 512K on chip memory
Crystal for LPC2148: 12Mhz
Crystal for RTC: 32.768KHz
50 pin Berg header for external interfacing
Operating Supply: 9V to 12V DC/AC
2.4GHz ZigBee (XBee) wireless module adaptor
512 bytes of I2C external EEPROM
USB Type B Connector
SD / MMC card holder
10pin(2X5) FRC JTAG connector for flashing and debugging
50 Pin Expansion header
2x16 Character Alphanumeric LCD
L293D 600mA Dual DC motor Driver
ULN2003 500mA driver
Dual RS232 UARTs for external communication
Real-Time Clock with Battery Holder
2 Analog Potentiometers connected to ADC
TSOP1738 IR receiver
4 USER Switches
Reset and Boot loader switches
3V button cell for on chip RTC
ON/OFF switch
Schematics and Application examples in KEIL provided in the documentation CD

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