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Large Metal Robotic Tank Chassis For RoboWars

Get the large Metal robotic tank chassis for robowars tanks and load carrying robotic development. Upto 30kg load carrying capacity caterpillar tracked tank chassis


Available Stock : 16 Unit

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  • 2x12V powerful motors provided
  • Metal Design
  • Best For Robowar Competitions
  • Best For Load Carrying
  • Easy To Connect Your Circuit
  • Upto 30Kg Payload Capacity
  • Unscrewable Parts
  • Stability Tested
  • HeavyDuty Chassis
  • Battery Space Provided
  • Easly To Lift
  • Load Balancing Design

Product Overview

Get robotic metallic tracked tank chassis for making your own robowar robots or large load carrying robotic projects. DIY large robotic chassis can carry upto 30kg loads. The efficiently designed light weight tracked robotic chassis can carry upto 5 times of its weight with ease. Caterpillar tracked tank chassis with metal wheels is designed to distribute weight across the tank body that allows it to carry 5 times its own weights with ease. Get the Large tracked tank chassis with 2 powerful DC motors to build your own robotics vehicles that can carry upto 30kgs of loads and still work efficiently using our tracked tank chassis.

Technical Details

Product Weight: 7.1kg
Product Dimension: 42 x 40 x 14cms(width x length x height)
Material: Metal
Quantity Per Package: 1


November 05,2017
4 star to the product.

December 20,2017
nice metal design, looks better than the images.

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