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Lithium ion charging module TP4056

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Product Overview

The TP4056 is a whole constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger for both single cell lithium ion batteries. Its own SOP package and low component count make the ideally suited to applications that are mobile. Additional the TP4056 can operate inside wall socket and USB adapter. No diode is needed on account of the PMOSFET structure and also have stop to adverse Charge Current Circuit. Feedback modulates the charge current to restrict the temperature during ambient temperatures or power operation. The TP4056 terminates the charge cycle once the charge current drops to 1/10th the value following the float voltage is attained. Other attributes include current track, under voltage lockout recharge along with 2 standing pin to signify charge conclusion and the existence of an input voltage


Input voltage
Full charge voltage
Input interface
Mini USB
Input interface
Mini USB
1A adjustable
Charge precision
Battery Under-voltage protection
2.5 V
Battery over-current protection
3 A

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Lithium ion charging module TP4056

Lithium ion charging module TP4056

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