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LoRa Based IOT Irrigation Sensor & Motor Controllers

Irrigation field moisture monitoring sensors and pump motor controller devices allows you to automate irrigation systems over IOT


  • Efficient Water Consumption & Reducing Water Wastage
  • Efficient Field Monitoring and Alerts
  • Pipe Blockage Detections
  • Increased Irrigation Efficiency
  • Smart Analysis and Reporting for increasing Efficiency
  • Water Supply Detection

Product Overview

Nevon field sensors and motor controllers to automate your irrigation systems over cloud based platforms. We manufacture field temperature & moisture sensing devices for monitoring field conditions and keeping your farms under constant check remotely. Nevon IOT sensors capture realtime values and communicate it over to cloud platforms for remote access to your field data. Also we develop motor controllers in order to allow automatic irrigation based on moisture content with manual control over the internet. Our devices allow for fully automated irrigation monitoring and control systems that allow for automatic operations over the field while you sit and watch it all happening over the internet.

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