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LoRa LED Switcher & Dimmer

LST 106 is a LoRa powered IOT streetlight controller for LED streetlights with dimming operation, fault detection and more features using LoRaWAN.

Device Details:

  • Easy To Mount on Street Poles
  • Instant Switching & 100 levels of dimming
  • Compatible With upto 100 Watt LED panels
  • Water and Weatherproof design
  • Ability to work as a Swarm with upto 100 nodes
  • Light Failure Detection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Upto 2 km Communication Range (Can be extended using external antennas)

Product Overview

LST106 is designed to control individual LED streetlight panels as per the commands sent by the IOT Hub node. It is an off the shelf, end device that can be mounted on street light poles to control the switching of lights as desired. Designed to deliver high performance control, they are reliable, cost-effective and long-lasting devices made as per best industry standards. Upto 100 LST106 nodes can be connected to a hub node to follow its commands and operate a network of street lights as well as transmit streetlight data over large distances using LoRA network.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4x3x2 inches (Can be customized as per desired mount)
  • Communication using LoRa bands
  • Operating Band 433Mhz (Also available for 868/915)
  • Upto 3.2 kbps bit rate
  • IP68 Waterproofing Compliant Design
  • Magnetic field sensitivity of 0.10 uT (Full Scale (+/-1000 uT))
  • Operational temperature from 0 to +75 ÂșC
  • Less than 10mW Power Usage

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