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MC1489 Quadruple Line Receiver 1000kbps 5v PDIP-14

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Product Overview

These electronic components are monolithic low-power Schottky quadruple line recipients created to fulfill the demands of the typical interface between data-terminal gear and data-communication gear according to TIA/EIA-232-F. Another response-control (CONT) terminal is supplied for each recipient. A resistor or a resistor and bias-voltage origin could be connected between this terminal and earth to change the input levels. An external capacitor may be connected between this terminal and ground to give input noise cancelling.


Input Resistance
3 k to 7 k
Input Signal Range
±30 V
Operate from Single 5-V Supply
Built-In Input Hysteresis (Double Thresholds)
Response Control that Provides
Input Threshold Shifting
Input Noise Filtering
Meet or Exceed the Requirements of TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU Recommendation V.28

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