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MCP2221 USB 2.0 to I2C/UART Protocol Converter with GPIO

Buy MCP2221 a USB Interface IC of USB 2.0 which enables USB connectivity in a UART and I2C interfaces along with other various ICs at lowest price online only at Nevonexpress.

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Product Overview

The MCP2221 is a USB-to-UART/I2C sequential converter that enables USB connectivity in software with a UART and I2C interfaces. The system reduces external parts by incorporating the USB termination resistors as well as the oscillator required for USB operation. The MCP2221 also includes four GP pins supplying miscellaneous functionalities


Supports full-speed USB (12 Mb/s)
Implements USB protocol composite device
Communication Device Class (CDC)
28-byte Buffer to handle data throughout at any UART baud rate (1) 64-byte Transmit (2) 64-byte Receive
Human Interface Device (HID) for both I2C™ communication and control
Fully configurable VID and PID assignments, and string descriptors
Bus-powered or self-powered
USB 2.0 Compliant

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