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MCP2515 Stand-Alone CAN Controller with SPI Interface

Buy a CAN controller MCP2515 with SPI Interface which implements CAN at V2.0B at 1 Mb/s and also other Interfacing ICs at lowest price online only at Nevonexpress.


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Product Overview

Microchip Technology's MCP2515 is a Standalone Controller Area Network (CAN) controller which implements the CAN specification, version 2.0B. It's capable of transmitting and receiving both regular and extended data and remote frames. The MCP2515 includes two approval masks and six approval filters which are utilized to filter out unwanted messages, therefore reducing the host MCU's overhead. The MCP2515 interfaces with microcontrollers (MCUs) through an industry standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).


Implements CAN V2.0B at 1 Mb/s
Receive Buffers, Masks and Filters
Data Byte Filtering on the First Two Data Bytes
Three Transmit Buffers with Prioritization and Abort Features
High-Speed SPI Interface (10 MHz)
One-Shot mode Ensures Message Transmission is Attempted Only One Time
Clock Out Pin with Programmable Prescaler
Start-of-Frame (SOF) Signal is Available for Monitoring the SOF Signal
Interrupt Output Pin with Selectable Enables
Buffer Full Output Pins Are Configurable
Low-Power CMOS Technology

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