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MCP2562 High-Speed CAN Interface IC

Buy a High-Speed CAN interface IC MCP2562 which operates at the speed of 1Mbps and other Interfacing ICs only at Nevonexpress

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Product Overview

The MCP2561/2 is a Microchip Technology Inc. second creation high-speed CAN transceiver. It functions as an interface between a CAN protocol controller and the bodily two-wire CAN bus. The apparatus meets the automotive demands for high-speed (around 1 Mb/s), low quiescent current, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD)


Supports 1 Mb/s Operation
Implements ISO-11898-5 Standard Physical Layer Requirements
Very Low Standby Current (5 µA, typical)
VIO Supply Pin to Interface Directly to CAN Controllers and Microcontrollers with 1.8V to 5.5V I/O
SPLIT Output Pin to Stabilize Common Mode in Biased Split Termination Schemes
CAN Bus Pins Are Disconnected when Device is Unpowered

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