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MQ 135 Air Quality Sensor Module Pollution Sensor

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Product Overview

A dangerous gas identification sensor for the family, the earth, widely used for alkali, Aromatic gas mixes, sulfur, benzene vapor, smoke and different gases hazardous gas recognition, gas-detector components and gas testing systems. Air quality sensor is for recognizing an extensive variety of gases, including NH3, NOx, liquor, benzene, smoke and CO2. Perfect for use in office or processing plant, straightforward drive and checking circuit.


The main chip
MQ135 gas sensing probe
Operating voltage
Power (current)
DO Output
AO Output
Signal output indicator instructions
Dual signal output (analog output, and TTL level output)

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Video Tutorial

Interfacing Diagrams

Pin Description

Pin Number Pin Name Pin Description
1 Vcc Used to power the sensor, Generally the operating voltage is +5V.
2 Ground Used to connect the module to system ground.
3 Digital Out You can also use this sensor to get digital output from this pin, by setting a threshold value using the potentiometer.
4 Analog Out This pin outputs 0-5V analog voltage based on the intensity of the gas.
5 H -Pins Out of the two H pins, one pin is connected to supply and the other to ground
6 A-Pins The A pins and B pins are interchangeable. These pins will be tied to the Supply voltage.
7 B-Pins A pins and B pins are interchangeable. One pin will act as output while the other will be pulled to ground.