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Medium Duty Sliding Gate Opener Kit System

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Get medium duty commercial sliding gate opener system kit. Compatible with rfid or biometric fingerprint for automatic sliding rolling gate opening system

Product Overview

NevonSolutions provides automatic gate opening systems for all sizes of sliding gate. Get our medium duty sliding gate opener kit for upto 20kg doors. We provide customized gate opening systems too as per your gate size and entry point area. Our rolling gate opener systems are compatible with Rfid as well as biometric authentication systems. Also remotely control commercial sliding gate opener systems from desired distances with compatibility to all remote operation technologies. We provide customizable slider gate solutions depending on your requirements.

  • Smooth operation of gates
  • Obstacle sensing while closing to avoid hurt
  • Biometric, Rfid Compatible
  • Long range rfid compatible for gate opening without scanning
  • Long range rfid compatible for gate opening without scanning
  • IOT compatible to control over internet
  • Adjustable gate closing delay time
  • Manual operation in case of power failure
  • Smart system overheat & overload sensing
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