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Metal Pipe Bending Machine

NevonSolutions offers electrical Metal Pipe Bending Machine which is engineered & fabricated using best quality raw materials. Our precision rolling pipe & tube bending machines are widely used for circular as well as square tube bending. Our electric metal pipe bending machines are used in various industries to develop different variety of products and systems.


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  • Gives wrinkle free molds
  • Cost effective
  • Precision Pipe & Tube Bending
  • Manual power is sublime
  • Vertical and Horizontal operations
  • Tight Angle & Wide Angle Bending

Product Overview

This electric pipe bender is a high quality precision bending machine designed and manufactured by NevonSolutions. This pipe bending machine is economically used to bend round pipes, square tubes, angles, channels, flat bars and more which allows manufacturers to bend a variety of steel, copper, bronze and other metal tubes and bars. Our electric pipe bender allows for tight angle metal bending as well as wide angle bending with exact precision.

Technical Details

Dia.Of Roller(mm): 30
Power: 0.75kw/1hp
Spindle speed: 9r/min
Packing size(cm): 120 X 75 X 121
N.W./G.W.(kg): 244/282

  • Building construction (Windows, Trusses, Interior decoration)
  • Furniture (Chairs, Beds, Hospital equipments, Wheel chairs)
  • Automotive (Exhaust, Seat frames, Stabilizers, Vehicles)
  • Gymnasium Equipments & Baby Strollers
  • Material handling equipments
  • Stores display equipments
  • Electrical appliances
  • Refrigeration pipes

  • 1. Insert the tube over mandrel. Grip end of tube with clamping die.
  • 2. Give a close pressure on the die.
  • 3. Select bending angle you require to bend the tube.
  • 4. Initiate bending electrically through PLC.
  • 5. Release both clamping and pressure die.
  • 6. Remove bent portion out of roller die.
  • 7. Continue the process for the next bend. Get the precision bronze, copper, steel pipe bending machine for a variety of angular bending. Our metal pipe/tube bending machine can be used for round pipe as well as square tube bending , various types of flat bar, tube bending. Enhance your manufacturing unit with the electric pipe bender today.

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