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Motion Based Light Load Switching

Motion based lighting/load switching system for office, home & public toilets. MtSwitch switches on/off your lights or loads depending on human presence detection.


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  • Human Motion Detection
  • Auto Switch Off Feature
  • Smart Operation
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Motion Based Switching
  • Manual Override Provided
  • Energy Saving
  • Easily Mountable on Wall

Product Overview

Automate your office, home or facility using MtSwitch. System switches on lights/loads on detecting human presence & later switches it off after human motion is no longer detected. It uses human sensing technology to detect presence and later switches off the lights/loads when they are no longer needed. System allows for automation of your facility and also saves a lot of energy by turning off lights/loads when not needed. Also a very needed application in public/company toilets where people usually dont care to switch off lights after use. So automate your facility today with MtSwitch.


Easy wall mount screws are provided with it.

Just provide a normal AC connection to it.

No it will only turn on lights on human motion.

Manual override is provided in it.

Connect multiple lights/loads with total power consumption upto 15 amperes (Example:around 20 tubelights or around 30x10W led lights) .


Septmber 22, 2017
Easily got mounted on my wall and working terrific.

October 15,2017
Smart operation and consumes very low power supply.

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