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Nevon Automatic Boom Barrier

NevonSolutions Manufactures automatic boom barrier at affordable price. IP54 compliant jerk free boom barriers with both Mains & battery operation & more features


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  • Efficiently Designed System For Smart Operation of Traffic
  • Dust And Water Proof Mechanism IP54 Compliant
  • Easy Integration With Existing Systems and Software Systems
  • Jerk Free Movement Using Spring Based Mechanism
  • Light Weight Metal Boom Bar With Reflective Powder Coating For Night Vision
  • Integrated Sensor Arrangement For Tracking Car Position & Collision Avoidance
  • In Case of Power Failure Ability To Operate Barrier By Battery & Manual Override For No Power at All

Product Overview

NevonSolutions manufactures fully automated boom barriers for automating entry and exit points of facilities, parking lots, hospitals, industries, hotels, toll plazas and so on. Our boom barriers are smartly manufactured to provide most optimum performance and long term use. These barriers are made to easily integrate with a variety of authentication systems and are easy to operate. Nevon Boom Barriers also offer automatic closing functionality and the closing delay can be easily modified using simple commands by the operator. Also the Boom Barriers have a protective coating of rubber to protect the vehicle from damage on collision. Also the system allows operator to change the speed of gate operation using easy commands as desired based on rate of traffic or conditions. The system consists of an automatic sensor detector to check is current vehicle has passed so that gate doesn’t close while vehicle is in front but does ensure it closes before next vehicle passes. Our boom barriers are designed to easily integrate with all kinds of authentication systems and easily be used with your existing software/hardware setup.


December 15,2017
does give the approx result.

December 29,2017
Package was delivered in time with duely components needed.

January 14,2018
Gud project, gud work, like the way it was packed and delivered, accurate with the result. Nevon always surprises me.

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