Nevon UV Sterilizer Ultraviolet Light Coronavirus Disinfectant

Beware of Fake UVLizer
Beware of Fake UVLizer

Know How UV Can help Regrow Your Business after Lockdown ?

Beware of Fake UVLizer

Recommended By

- Dept of Science & Technology (Govt of India).

- Indian Heritage Hotels Association (35000 + Hotels).

- Indian Navy.

- Top Hospitals.


Handheld UV Sterilizer- Furniture/Desk/Paperwork/Mask etc Sanitization
Nevon Handheld UV Sterilizer series PU20 to PU50 are the new age Sterilization/disinfection tools designed to disinfect furniture, paperwork, walls, washrooms, doors etc instantly using 254 nm Ultraviolet light.

UV Sterilization Box- Mobile/Wallet/Mask/Keys/Packed Food/Fruits etc Sanitization
The Nevon UVLizer C72 Sterilizer Box delivers instant 360° Sterilization using High Intensity 254nm UV-C technology. Instant Steriliation in 30 seconds without water or chemicals.


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Beware of Fake UVLizer