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PC16550D Universal Asynchronous Interface IC

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Product Overview

The PC16550D component is a better version of the first 16450 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART). Functionally identical to this 16450 on power up that the PC16550D can be placed in another manner (FIFO manner) to ease the CPU of excessive software overhead. In this form, internal FIFOs are triggered permitting 16 bytes (and 3 pieces of malfunction data per byte from the RCVR FIFO) to be kept in both transmit and receive modes. Each of the logic is on-chip to minimize system overhead and maximize system performance. Two pin functions are changed to permit signaling of DMA transfers.


Capable of Running All Existing 16450 Software
Pin for Pin Compatible with the Existing 16450 Except for CSOUT (24) and NC (29). The Former CSOUT and NC Pins Are TXRDY and RXRDY, Respectively
After Reset, All Registers Are Identical to the 16450 Register Set
In the FIFO(1) Mode Transmitter and Receiver Are Each Buffered with 16 Byte FIFO’s to Reduce the Number of Interrupts Presented to the CPU
Adds or Deletes Standard Asynchronous Communication Bits (Start, Stop, and Parity) to or From the Serial Data
Holding and Shift Registers in the 16450 Mode Eliminate the Need for Precise Synchronization Between the CPU and Serial Data
Independently Controlled Transmit, Receive, Line Status, and Data Set Interrupts
Programmable Baud Generator Divides Any Input Clock by 1 to (216 – 1) and Generates the 16 × Clock
Independent Receiver Clock Input
MODEM Control Functions (CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, RI, and DCD)
Fully Programmable Serial-Interface Characteristics

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