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Ph Electrode Probe For Ph Meter Water Ph Level Sensor

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Product Overview

This ph electrode has a solitary cylinder that enables guide connection to the input terminal of a ph meter, controller, or any ph gadget which has a bnc input terminal. The ph electrode test is exact and solid that can gives relatively momentary readings, helping you to check the nature of your water over and over.
BNC Connector suitable for most PH meter and controller.
Suitable for wide range of application: Aquariums, Hydroponics, Laboratory etc.

Technical Details

PH range
0-14 PH
Temperature range
Alkali Error
Theoretical Percentage Slope
Internal Resistance
Response Time
Operating Temperature
Terminal Blocks
BNC plug

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Working Principle

The pH sensor consists two electrodes in order to make a complete circuit to create electricity flow through the test solution. Both the electrodes are glass electrodes which has a silver alloy electrical wire and one of them is submerged in a neutral solution of potassium chloride contained inside a special glass bulb. This electrode works as the measuring system. The other electrode is situated in the outer case, filled with same neutral solution of potassium chloride, which works as a reference system. Both the electrodes are wired together to create a complete circuit. When the probe is dipped into the solution it calculates the pH by measuring the difference between the electrical charge formed in the measuring solution and the charge in reference solution.

Interfacing Diagram

Interfacing Diagrams