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Piezoelectric Sensor 27mm Piezo Vibration Sensor

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Product Overview

These piezoelectric sensors convert Mechanical Force Into Electrical Output
These Are Perfect For Using As Touch-Sensors, Electronic Drum Triggers, Buzzers, Or Making Your Own Contact Mics, security systems, door knock detections and DIY projects
They Can Also Be Used For Custom Pickup Arrangements In More Traditional Stringed And Percussion Instruments.

Technical Details

Output Power
Package Weight
90 grams
No of Pieces

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Piezoelectric Sensor 27mm Piezo Vib ....

Piezoelectric Sensor 27mm Piezo Vib ....

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Working Principle

A sensor that measures changes in acceleration, strain, pressure, and force by converting them into electric charge, using Piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric effect means generating electrical charge in response to applied mechanical force. The sensor does exactly according to this effect, it will convert the applied mechanical force into the electric charge, giving us various number of electrical applications. The main component of this sensor is the material which have Piezoelectric properties. As mentioned earlier the mechanical force that the sensor convert into electric charge, includes forces like acceleration, stress, strain, and pressure.

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