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Pneumatic Sealing Machine for Plastic Film Bags

Buy High-Quality pneumatic sealing machine for plastic film bags along with other filling and packaging machines at lowest price online in Mumbai, all parts of India and other countries with best discount offers only at Nevon Express.

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Product Overview

Nevon solutions supplies high quality automatic sealing machines, filling machines, packaging machines and much more. This pneumatic sealing machine for plastic film bags are fabricated using high quality components and latest technology by skilled professionals. This pneumatic sealing machine is suitable for sealing various types of plastic film bags and AI-plastic compound bags with max sealing length of 600 mm (1000 mm) and max carrying load of 10- 15 kg max. This sealing machine adopts compressed air as motive power with adjustable sealing pressure, vacuum and gas flashing and reliable sealing quality, and its sealing operation can be controlled by manual or by foot stamping. For thicker bags, PSML 600 RPI Single heating sealer is adopted. According to special order, its sealing length can be lengthened to 600 mm this machine equipment is used in the fields of chemical industry, foodstuff and forage and so on.


Power Supply
Single phase 230V AC
Sealing Length
600 mm (Horizontal Sealing bar 1000 mm)
Sealing Width
5 mm (Plain type sealing)
Max. carrying load
10- 15 kg max.


  • Easy to operate and install
  • High Productivity
  • Sealing head height adjustable
  • Gas flushing attachment
  • Without conveyor

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