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R305 Fingerprint Sensor Scanner Module

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Product Overview

Optical biometric fingerprint reader with awesome highlights and can be installed into an assortment of final results, for example, access control, participation, wellbeing deposit box, auto door locks. Incorporated scanner with scanning and calculation chip coupled together, ALL-in-One Fingerprint reader can lead optional advancement, can be installed into an assortment of final results Smart low power utilization, compact size, efficient execution Proficient optical scanning, module fabrication using best methods Great image handling abilities, can effectively catch picture up to resolution 500 dpi

Technical Details

Fingerprint sensor type
Sensor Life
100 million times
Static indicators
15KVBacklight: bright green
USB1.1/UART(TTL logical level)
RS232 communication baud rate
4800BPS~115200BPS changeable
Image Capture Surface
Verification Speed
0.3 sec
Scanning Speed
0.5 sec
Character file size
256 bytes
Template size
512 bytes
Storage capacity
Security level
5 (1,2,3,4,5(highest))
False Acceptance Rate (FAR)
0.0001% Resolution 500 DPI
3.6-6.0 VDC
Working current
Typical 90 mA, Peak 150mA
Matching Method
1: N
Operating Environment Temperature
20 to 45° centigrade

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R305 Fingerprint Sensor Scanner Mod ....

R305 Fingerprint Sensor Scanner Mod ....

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Interfacing Diagram

Working Principle

The R305 is an optical finger print sensor which consist of a powerful AS601 DSP (digital signal processor) chip. The DSP chip does all the image rendering, calculation, feature finding and searching for the sensor. The DSP chip also works as the form of storage device which can store up 120 fingerprints on its flash memory. The chip also has a TTL serial out in order to connect with a microcontroller or any other system. The sensor registers a finger print by collecting the image copy of the fingerprint and store it for future use, and when repeated the sensor once again collect a new picture of a fingerprint and compare it with the store fingerprint in order the identify the individual.

Interfacing Diagrams