Best RFID Attendance System With SMS For Schools Colleges

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RFID Attendance System With SMS For Schools Colleges

RFID long range attendance system with SMS notifications at affordable price and one time cost, no internet needed and zero yearly maintenance costs.


  • Fully Automated System
  • SMS Notifications
  • Long Range Readers Available For Entry Exit gates
  • Medium Range Readers Available For Classrooms
  • Affordable Cost
  • One Time Setup - No recurring costs per year
  • No Need For Internet

Product Overview

Traditional attendance systems requiring manual attendance and calling are now slowly becoming history. Get along the latest attendance technology that does not even need user to scan a card. Just walk through and the attendance is marked. These systems use RFID attendance scanners to be mounted in schools, colleges and university entry/exit gates or classrooms for automated attendance markings.
NevonSolutions brings you a whole range of advanced RFID based attendance solution to automate the entire attendance process. This is coupled with SMS notifications to respective parents about their child reaching the school on time and leaving time. This RFID attendance system for schools and colleges/universities is automating attendance processes all over the globe.
NevonSolutions introduces state of the art RFID based attendance systems for schools to help automate their attendance procedure within days. Our easy to install offline systems are easy to use and have no recurring costs. We also provide full offline RFID based attendance systems with SMS notifications that require no internet and no recurring costs every year.

How it Works

SMS Notification



This System requires students to hold the ID in fron of the Scanner in order to get entry to the school/college


Long range rfid readers compatible with adruino, raspberry pi and PC with SDK support. Long distance uhf rfid scanners for rfid systems development


Get 4 meters Long read range rfid readers compatible with development SDK support. Long range uhf rfid scanners for traffic, toll booth, cargo tracking etc.

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