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Rfid Based Pet & Animal Identification Tracking System

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Get animal identification systems & pet virtual leash system. Global quality rfid based animal tagging for identification and tracking solutions at NevonExpress


  • Animal Identification: Identifying livestock or lab animals by veterinarians, wildlife experts, wildlife sanctuaries, pet handlers, police dog handlers, stables, cattle handlers etc.
  • Virtual Leash Pet Tracking: Pet businesses, pet breeders, pet groomers and handlers use our pet leashes to monitor pets.

Product Overview

NevonSolutions provides wireless animal tracking tags for safe embedding to identify and track animals. Our rfid based systems help identify pets, livestock and lab animals from a distance. We can provide customized tags to fit your needs or requirements. Also we provide small flexible tags that can be used in your own secure casings. We deliver complete rfid based solutions for animal tracking as well as system parts like reader, tags and other hardware. Our rfid based solutions are tailor-made to fulfill your business requirements.

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