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Rfid Personnel Authentication & Tracking

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Get tailor made personnel tracking & authentication systems. We deliver customized person authentication and indoor tracking rfid based systems for business


  • Personnel Monitoring :Monitoring and tracking movement of employees, workers, visitors live throughout your facility.
  • Personnel History Analysis :Checking past tracking history of individual and group movements of personnel and visitors for future strategies.
  • Restricted Area Monitoring : Monitoring personnel and visitors entering restricted areas with instant alerts.

Product Overview

Monitor personnel movements for work efficiency, restricted area accessibility monitoring, performance tracking on large premises. NevonSolutions provides personnel tracking and monitoring systems and solutions that allows you to track employee, agents, personnel movements through out the facility using wristbands or other form of tags that can be monitored from a long range without scanning. Our system consists of fixed scanning points or areas which are used to mount our hardware devices throughout the facility and used for monitoring people movement through the facility. We also deliver customized Rfid based personnel tracking systems as per your requirements.

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