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Rfid Toll Booth & Vehicle Tracking System Solutions

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Get rfid based vehicle tracking & authentication systems. Rfid Toll booth automation & customized vehicle tracking solutions for car, trailer, container tracking


  • Rfid Toll Booth Automation: We provide complete as well as part systems including rfid tags, reading equipment, mounting poles, gate openers, cloud software for automation of toll booths for contact less long range rfid based toll booth system. Our systems help make the toll booth operations faster with balance recharge online as well as integrating manual override with automatic gate opening system.
  • Rfid Automatic Gate Openers: We provide vehicle authentication using rfid tags integrated with automatic gate openers. We manufacture and deliver various gates as per desired sized and areas.
  • Rfid Traffic & Parking Management: Monitor amount of traffic entering a road, facility, parking lots and monitor control overcrowding before it happens using rfid based vehicle tracking systems.
  • Other Rfid Based Car & Trailer Tracking Systems.

Product Overview

NevonSolutions provides tailor made solutions for rfid based vehicle tracking, identification systems or authentication. We provide toll booth automations as well as customized vehicle tagging systems for automating vehicle management. Rfid tags can be mounted on vehicles & verified from a few meters range using readers, Reader systems can be mounted on various points, entry points for automatic gate opening, parking lots or weigh bridges. Our rfid systems allow for automation of vehicle identification, flow management using rfid based sensing technology. This allows for process automation without having any impact on existing vehicle flow or process since these are contactless devices and systems that can be easily mounted and need low power supply.
NevonSolutions delivers tailor made Rfid vehicle management solutions for car, trucks, trailers, containers authentication and flow control. We provide complete end to end rfid solutions including, tags, hardware needed as well as cloud server and software needed along with installation support for implementing these systems. Also we deliver complete toll booth automation and management solutions to help in faster traffic flow without hampering the existing process.

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