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Varitemp Variable Wattage Soldering Iron 15-30watts/230volts S11530A

Buy S11530A, a soldering iron with variable wattage of 15-30 wattage and 230 Volts, along with various other soldering irons, at lowest price online at Nevonexpress


Available Stock : 1000 Unit

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S11530A, unlike other soldering iron features a specific characteristic of variable wattage. The changing wattage setting makes it the most versatile and useful for various types of applications. The temperature range of the iron is 280c to 450c with high technology printed ceramic heater for high-end use. The wattage setting is conveniently, which makes it quite user friendly while handling. It comes with aluminum-coated bit for long lasting life.


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Varitemp Variable Soldering Iron
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