SG90 TowerPro Servo Motor
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SG90 TowerPro Servo Motor

Buy SG90 TowerPro Servo Motor along with other servo and stepper motors at lowest price online at nevonexpress


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Product Overview

Nevonexpress provides SG90 TowerPro Servo Motor at lowest price. Tiny and lightweight with higher output power. (90 in every direction), and functions exactly like the conventional varieties but smaller. You can use some Servo code, library or hardware to command these servos. Good Stuff proceed without creating a motor control with opinions & equipment box, particularly considering that it Will fit in tiny places. It includes a 3 star (arms) and hardware.


9 g
22.2 x 11.8 x 31 mm approx.
Stall torque
1.8 kgf·cm
Operating speed
0.1 s/60 degree
Operating voltage
4.8 V (~5V)
Dead band width
10 µs
Temperature range
0 °C – 55 °C

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