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Semi-Automatic Box Strapping Machine

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Product Overview

Nevon Solutions supplies a wide range of box strapping machines. We supply both automatic and semi-automatic box strapping machines which are designed and manufactured by professionals by keeping international standard qualities in mind. These machines are extensively used for packing and binding boxes. This semi-automatic box strapping machines are used to strap cartons, paper packages, wooden boxes, etc. using polyethylene plastic band which tightens & gets cut automatically. This box strapping machine is suitable and used for strapping cartons of various heights very quickly without the need for bothersome strapping tools & metal seals. When the carton is placed on the table and strap is passed, the strap self-tightens cuts & seals onto the carton automatically & is ready for the next carton.


Model Name
BSM-8020 R
High Table Type
Strapping Tension
5 – 50 Kg
Strapping speed
2.0 sec/strap
Strap Width
6 – 19 mm
Power Supply
220 VAc, 1 Ph
0.4 KVA
Machine Size
895 L X 565W X 740H (MM)


Simple operation
Quick heating
Robust and precise construction of Engine
Prolonged motor life and energy efficient
Wide range of strap width selection
Variable and consistent tension

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