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Soldron 938 Temperature Controlled Digital Soldering Station With Sleep mode

Buy Soldron 938 Temperature Controlled Digital Soldering Station, which comes with features like sleep mode, along with various other soldering stations, at lowest price online at Nevonexpress


Available Stock : 500 Unit

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Product Overview

Soldron 938 is a temperature controlled digital soldering machine, which provides digital control over the temperature using a dial and LED display. It also comes with a unique feature called sleep mode where it itself goes into sleep mode on the account of 15 minutes inactivity and start heating up upon picking up the iron


Digital Temperature Readout for Set/Run Modes.
MCH Solid State Element used as compared to winding element used in other's products.
Temperature Range 200 to 480°C
Guaranteed Operation 1000 hours.
Genuine Soldron quality product with 6 months Warranty.
Spare Accessories and Service available from Soldron, unlike similar products from others.

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