Super market billing system

Super Market Billing System

Super market billing system is a software developed for super markets to generate invoices, update stock and assign barcode, track sales report and many more. It is secured by two login portal one for Admin and other for Employees.



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  • Generate invoice
  • Barcode assigning
  • Add product details
  • Sales report
  • Daily purchase report
  • Employee report
  • Inventory updating
  • Secure logins

Product Overview

Super market billing system, is a software developed for super markets. It allows two logins, Admin and the employee. The admin add the product details to the system, as well as assigns the barcode. The admin login allows to update stocks to the inventory and keeps a record for updating the new stocks. He/she is given access to add any employee to the database. The admin can add the employee, view or edit the employee details, and delete the employees from the database. The report are generated by the admin login. Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sales report can be generated by the admin. They can even view and edit and generate a product and purchase report on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. Employee daily report is also anther function the admin can access. Once the admin gives the login details to employee, he can login to generate the purchase bill. The employee can scan the product, update the quantity, delete the product if the customer changes mind at the last moment, avail any coupon and print the bill. With the employee login, they can view the bills generated. The admin has all the authority compared to that of the employee login.

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