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TK80E08K3 Silicon N Channel MOS Type Transistor

Buy TK80E08K3 a Field Effect Transistor of Silicon N Channel MOS Type which features High forward transfer admittance and low current and other transistor at lowest price online at Nevonexpress

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Product Overview

TK80E08K3 is a Silicon N Channel MOS Type Field Effect Transistor which comes with enhanced mode to work between 2.0~4.0 V and have high endurance which makes it essential in industrial grade applications.


Low drain−source ON resistance
RDS (ON) = 7.5 mΩ (typ.)
High forward transfer admittance
|Yfs| = 135 S (typ.)
Low leakage current
IDSS = 10 μA (max) (VDS = 75 V)
Enhancement mode
Vth = 2.0~4.0 V (VDS = 10 V, ID = 1 mA)

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