TLC549CP ADC 8 bit 40 KSPS Single 3 V 6 V DIP
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TLC549CP ADC 8 bit 40 KSPS Single 3 V 6 V DIP

Buy TLC549CP a 8 bit single voltage Analogue to Digital Converter along with the other various interfacing ICs and other ICs at lowest price online at Nevonexpress.

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Product Overview

The TLC549CP is an 8-bit 40kSPS Analogue-to-Digital Converter with successive output, harmonious to TLC540/545/1540 single station. Created for sequential interface using a microprocessor or peripheral via a 3-state data output along with an analogue input. The TLC549 utilize just the input/output clock (I/O CLOCK) enter together with the chip select (CS\) input signal for information management. The highest I/O CLOCK input of this TLC548 is 2.048MHz along with the I/O CLOCK input of this TLC549 is given up to 1.1MHz.


Microprocessor peripheral or standalone operation
Differential reference input voltages
17us Maximum conversion time
On-chip software-controllable sample-and-hold function
4MHz Typical internal system clock
Low power consumption

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